Focus on the good

When things happen to us, it can be all we think about. We focus on all the things that make us sad and it might seem like everything is going wrong in our lives. Instead, get into the habit of changing your focus from the negative to the positive things in life. Think about all […]

Look At The Situation Differently

Ask yourself if there is a different way you can think about the situation? Sometimes we need to see the situation from a different perspective or angle.It can be hard to do, but this challenge may help you to have a different outlook on the situation you’re going through.


Reach out to friends and family.Being close to people when we feel sad can help us to not feel so alone. Don’t be afraid to share how you’re feeling. When we talk about our emotions, it can help us understand them better. And you’ll see that your friends or family may have gone through a […]

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